Dedicated to Snowflake - a bunny gone too soon

Easter Bunny

Bunny arrived at the Heltz home for Christmas of 2011. Santa brought her as a gift for Anna since she loved taking care of her good friend Katja's bunny Lucky. We began by keeping bunny in her cage. Slowly Bunny became acclimated to the Heltz family, or should I say the younger Heltz kids and Momma. As an aside Jenny and Georgie were not big fans of the buns. We all recollect how hard it was to get her back in the cage when she was a new bunny. After a short while she became the bunny we remember, loving to be held and craving attention. She loved to be rubbed on her ears and her snout. She was always looking for your your attention. In the morning she would rattle her cage till you sprung her from jail. She would run around your legs till you picked her up. We kept her free to roam in the family room with her cage door remaining open for her to use the liter pan. My wicker chair and magazines became favorites for her to chew. The remotes were another item she got ahold of several times so thoses were kept up beyond her reach. In the end, chewing the carpet probably was her downfall. Bunny was almost 6 years old when she passed away. She began having bleeding episodes and showing signs of constipation. We were able to clear up the first few events but not the last fatal one.

We all miss bunny. She was laid to rest in her backyard

New Zealand Bunny

There are a few theories regarding the origin of the New Zealand Rabbit, one of which describes them as being imported wild from New Zealand, however this is most likely a myth. A much more popular theory is that a Flemish Giant was mated to a Belgian Hare, and the New Zealand red rabbit made an appearance around 1910. New Zealand white rabbits were eventually developed independently by William Preshaw of Rippon, California, in 1919. Preshaw bred Angoras with white American rabbits as well as with Flemish Giants to develop a large white rabbit that could be used for fur and meat. The white New Zealand rabbit was accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1920. Taken from

Bunny Nicknames

  • buns
  • bunny
  • Snowflake
  • Chubs
  • The chubster
  • Chubbie

Bunny Chores

Bunny Chores
Chore Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Feed/Water Anna Mom
Clean Cage Anna Mom
Snuggle with Bunny Anna Mom

Favorite bunny pics

Surprise! It's a bunny!!!

Bunny at one of her first Christmases

Bunny on her way to Philadelphia

Me and my bunny

Favorite bunny videos

  • Bunny making her happy noise
  • Bunny licking Anna's face
  • Bunny cleaning herself and just being cute!
  • Bunny washing her ears
  • Bunny washing her face
  • My most favorite and makes me miss her the most

Videos courtesy of Anna Heltz

Her final resting place

Final Bunny

Thank you to the boys George and Christopher Heltz for placing bunny in her final resting place

I am looking to buy her a memorial marker. What do you think of these?

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Option Marker
Option 1 Small but cute
Option 2 Like this one
Option 3 Cute white bunny
Option 4 Kinda small

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